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VIJAYAWADA: Government Counselor (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy affirmed that the teachers’ unions are part of the PRC’s struggle committee and they have participated in discussions with the ministerial committee on the PRC issue.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, he said it was not appropriate to sing a different tune after accepting the proposals made during talks between the ministerial committee and the steering committee after leaving the meeting room. “If they had raised their objections at the meeting, a solution could have been found. It makes no sense to pretend that their demands are not met after agreeing to everything in the meeting. Once the minutes of the meeting were prepared, they went to speak to the media saying that no consensus had been reached,” he said.

Sajjala said the government was unable to donate more than 23% of equipment due to financial constraints. “The state has suffered financially from the Covid pandemic. His own income has dropped considerably. Despite this, the government decided to bear an additional burden of more than Rs 10,000 crore as it pledged to ensure the welfare of the employees. Revising HRA and conceding other employee demands cost the government an additional Rs 1,300 crore,” he said.


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