The Bell Museum’s “Gaia” exhibition presents a new perspective on the Earth


ST. PAUL, Minnesota. – It’s hard to miss the Bell Museum’s new exhibition, ‘Gaia’, on loan from British artist Luke Jerram, is on display in the museum’s main hall until August 14.

The exhibit features a scale model of the earth, lit from within and suspended from the museum’s ceiling. At 23 feet in diameter, it represents a scale model 1.8 million times smaller than real earth. Additionally, the display uses images from NASA’s Visible Earth project to create a hyper-realistic space view of our planet.

“I think a big part of the draw is just being able to look at the earth from a new perspective,” said Bell Museum communications associate Nehwoen Luogon-Bojkov. “It’s not often that we are able to look at the world we live in from this perspective.”

Paired with a trip to the Bell Planetarium, guests get a truly unique view of space. Recent photos from NASA’s Webb Telescope only reinforce that interest, says Luogon-Bojkov.

“It was great to see people interact with our planetarium educators, to be able to ask them questions, we love that people were really engaged,” she said.

“Earth is a fantastic place. We live on a wonderful planet,” said Holly Meyers of Hastings as she toured the exhibit with her family.

“The joy (children) feel when they learn something new is so great,” said Laura Cajpust, who visited her daughter Juniper. “Just seeing her have that moment where she’s like, ‘oh wow’.”

The Gaia display can be seen Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The display also features extended hours on Thursdays – until 10 p.m.

Bell staff say watching the screen at dusk and in the dark provides a unique experience.


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