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The Fiji Teachers Registration Authority (FTRA) is working to iron out the issues in rolling out an online payment platform for teachers across the country.

CEO Sangeeta Singh told members of the Public Accounts Committee that the portal was introduced to help teachers pay for registration renewal in Fiji.

However, there were some issues with ensuring a safe and secure system, and M-PAiSA was rejected as a form of transaction on the portal.

“M-PAiSA payment is unable to provide TPF numbers and we are unable to track who is receiving the payment,” she said.

“So it’s not viable as we speak.” She said there were also connectivity issues experienced by teachers living in more remote areas, particularly the Eastern Division.

“There was a scenario where a teacher was unable to make the payment, but they were able to sort it out and she managed to make her payment.

“We are working with Vodafone and looking at options and security measures. If teachers send money, we must have the appropriate resources and accounting procedures. »

Ms Singh said one of the main purposes of the online portal was to facilitate the process of applying for license renewals.

“With the portal, teachers can still make payments online and email us the renewal form and we grant registration based on the electronic copy.

“Only for new registrations do we need the original as that is when we first create the account. So far it is working well with the district office and through our induction we tell the students what to do. »


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