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The Fiji Teachers’ Union (FTU) has taken industrial tribunal proceedings to prevent the Department of Education from implementing a new promotion scheme for secondary school principals.

The FTU said the Ministry of Education had changed the Minimum Qualification Requirement (MQR) for promotion and appointment and said only those with postgraduate qualifications would be promoted.

“We believe the decision is unfair, unjustified and discriminatory and shows complete disregard for their own policies,” FTU General Secretary Agni Deo Singh said.

“The union has asked the court to grant a stay on the processing of these messages until the legal proceedings are completed and a decision is rendered.

“The union argued that any changes to the existing MQR that had been deemed appropriate all these years must remain and that no changes are made without consultation with the teachers‘ unions.

“The union further argued that those who already hold equivalent qualifications, i.e. a degree in the relevant subjects plus the teacher education component, should not be eliminated.

“Current acting principals have been leading schools skillfully for several years.

“This is yet another decision taken in a hurry, without any reflection on the damage and disruption it will cause to the proper functioning of schools.

“We demand that the ministry immediately withdraw this decision and stick to the existing MQR.

“The union will accept nothing less.”


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