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Monsters don’t think of themselves as monsters. Adolf Hitler did not consider himself a monster. He was a man of the people, protecting the Germans. For monsters, others are monsters.

Progressives see supporters of former President Donald Trump as monsters. Its supporters are racist insurgents who jeopardize the Constitution. Progressives and most of the Democratic Party and media have internalized that the Republicans are a rising authoritarian party which, if returned to power, could put Trump in a position never to step down.

In this, the Republicans have a secret weapon against the progressives: the media. Democrats and much of the mainstream media all occupy the same geographic and intellectual space. Most broadcasting and print media empires inhabit a geographic space closer to the ocean than the Mississippi, and an intellectual space closer to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than Senator Susan Collins.

Because most of the press and Democrats inhabit the same space, they miss the big conversations that take place outside their enclaves. Parents are worried about their children’s schools. Parents spent a year at home hearing about their children’s teachers setting up gradual indoctrination camps and dropping a solid education. The school boards sided with the teachers’ unions. The Biden administration has decided that the parents are national terrorists. In the absence of competing information, it has been easy for the press and the left to convince each other that parents’ concerns about education are right-wing talking points.

They never really saw election night coming. Republicans had a banner night, leaving Democrats and the press stunned – in large part because neither group had bothered to listen to anyone outside of their group. They could really believe what they believed because they excluded all competing voices. They hate Fox News. Talk radio is anathema. Republicans are monsters and monsters must be killed, not heard, and never obeyed.

Unfortunately, all of this is problematic.

Progressives and the press internalized the GOP are monsters. The GOP is a crowd of racist, transphobic, homophobic, insurrectionary monsters who threaten the republic. Progressives and the press together also epistemically believe that the world has less than 10 years to act to save the planet. If no action is taken, the world will fall into a precipice of climate instability. But the politicians in Washington will not act. Republicans and a handful of recalcitrant Democrats have used filibuster and their own influence to stop action to save the planet.

Over the past two months, progressive writers at the New York Times and The New Yorker have rated favorably a book that advocates environmental terrorism in the name of the common good. Andreas Malm’s “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” suggests environmentalists are taking matters into their own hands. He became current on the left.

Progressives have internalized that the GOP must be stopped and climate change must be stopped. Voters disagree and all signs point to a mid-term Republican Party resurgence. Considering the epistemic beliefs of the left, it’s not far to think that they might decide that they have to kill the monsters. They are not, after all, monsters. The people they hate are the monsters. The left, the press tells them, is on the side of justice against the monsters that will end the republic and turn the planet into a climate spiral. Progressives will think they are killing monsters, so everything, including violence, is justified. Much of the press will agree. We are heading for dark times and uncharted waters.

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