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As people become increasingly dependent on their smartphones and computers, part of their identity is also shared with the real world on the internet. For this reason, data security measures have become one of the top priorities. After all, no one wants to be a victim of cybercrime. Unfortunately, these crimes have increased in unprecedented ways since the 2020 global lockdown.

How can VPNs help?

To offer a solution to online privacy and avoid data hacks and surveillance issues, Virtual Private Networks now exist. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, can protect you from increasing employee surveillance and data throttling, as well as circumvent internet censorship and give an extra layer of security for your data.

How do VPNs work?

VPNs redirect internet traffic through a VPN server and in doing so, encrypt your interaction with the internet using encryption keys known only to the VPN server and your system. If someone tries to monitor your data, they will simply trace it back to the VPN server and not back to you since your IP address remains hidden. At the same time, you can escape ad overload and freely watch your favorite TV shows from anywhere in the world.

Regulations regarding access to Internet content may differ from country to country. So, if you tend to travel a lot and you notice that the content you want to watch is blocked, you can simply select a VPN server from your country and watch your favorite shows without a hitch.

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Where to find a reliable VPN

The VPN industry has grown tremendously and there is fierce competition among the major players who are constantly innovating new ways to protect their consumers. The BitBag team came across a VPN service provider called ExpressVPN which has a strict no-logging policy and has an internal encryption protocol called Lightway which uses wolfSSL encryption to dynamically change the encryption keys used for data exchange.

ExpressVPN’s RAM-Based VPN Servers

ExpressVPN’s servers run on RAM or volatile memory, so the data stored there is deleted after each reboot. Most VPN service providers’ servers run on ROMs like hard drives, which require manual intervention to delete or overwrite data. This special setup along with their Lightway protocol creates a fortress around their global VPN network which is extremely difficult to hack.

According to their no-logging policy, ExpressVPN does not track your IP address, activity or search history. They have 3,000 servers that offer unlimited bandwidth in over 94 countries and are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. Although bandwidth may fluctuate depending on server load or destination, the split tunneling feature exists to help you avoid lag while gaming or watching a movie. This feature also allows you to select certain activities to be used on the VPN server, such as online banking and shopping, while keeping the rest of the activities conducted directly through the Internet.

Check out ExpressVPN’s plans and pricing with a 30-day money-back guarantee today.

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