Three Diversity Champions Recognized For Their Work In Advancing Equal Economic Opportunity In New Jersey



The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the New Jersey African American Chamber of Commerce honor “Champions of Diversity” at a cocktail party in Somerset on Wednesday, October 6. They are recognized for their exceptional work to promote equal economic opportunity and diversity in New Jersey.

The winners are Dr Daniel Jean, assistant rector for special programs, Montclair State University; Eloise Samuels, one of the founders and president, New Jersey Orators; and Joe roth, President and CEO of NJ Sharing Network.

The reception will take place at the Palace at Somerset Park, Somerset, from 5.30 p.m. with a gala dinner at Edison on November 10 to celebrate diversity.

“These events are not just celebrations, they are part of a mission,” said John Harmon, president, CEO and founder of the African American Chamber of Commerce in NJ. “New Jersey is already one of the most diverse states in the country. Now is the time to make it the most economically inclusive state in the nation. No problem is more important to New Jersey’s economic health. than to create a system where economic opportunities are available to all.

The two chambers are working together to address the economic inequalities that exist for black citizens and black business owners in the state. They focus their efforts on education, entrepreneurship, and employment opportunities for people of color.

“It’s a rallying cry,” said Tom Bracken, President and CEO of the NJ Chamber of Commerce. “We must demand an end to economic inequality in New Jersey. We will challenge businesses across the state to do their part to change the status quo. “

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