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MADISON – Wisconsin faces a labor shortage crisis, the tragic impacts of a lost year of education, and a divisive culture war – all problems that left-wing Governor Tony Evers has compounded.

So what’s the Democrats’ # 1 priority?

Gender neutral options for birth certificates.

That’s right. State enterprises are reducing their hours, some are closing because they cannot find enough employees. But the Evers’ Woke Department of Health Services said on Monday that “parents will now have the option of using gender-neutral pronouns and designations” on their child’s birth certificate.

In particular, the option of the term “parent” unambiguously will be offered, with the traditional designation mother / father.

“This change reflects my commitment and that of my administration to adopt gender-neutral terminology and to recognize that families in Wisconsin are diverse and should be valued and respected,” Evers boasted in a press release.

It also reflects the governance of a man – sorry, a gender neutral person – who simultaneously turned his back on science and the real priorities of Wisconsin.

Evers stubbornly refused to listen to business, already hurt by its oppressive and ineffective blockages. They begged the governor to end the weekly federal bonus of $ 300, which makes it more attractive for some unemployed people to collect generous unemployment benefits than to re-enter the workforce.

Evers has remained silent as school districts intimidated by teacher unions barred students from learning in person for more than a year, as already troubling skill levels plummeted.

But the liberal was quick to push forward the left-wing agenda that divides Woke, no matter what – even in the midst of a historic pandemic and unemployment crisis.

You get what you pay for, and the unions and the radical left have spent a fortune electing their man.

Or their gender neutral person.

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