Top 5 Best Credit Repair Companies & Services of 2021


Do you want to repair your credit score but find the process exhausting and time-consuming? If your answer to this question is yes, the solution to your problem is here! You can delegate this task to Credit Repair Companies that specifically operate for this purpose.

However, choosing the best Credit Repair Company can be a puzzling task, as several scams exist in this sector. Hence, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis, compare and contrast the different contenders in the industry, and pick the best one for you.

This compilation of the best Credit Repair Companies is now available for your reference. If you want to learn more about how Credit Repair Companies work, you can look at the guide attached.

Top 5 Best Credit Repair Companies 

  1. Credit Saint: Best Credit Repair Company Overall 
  2. Lexington Law: Most Experienced 
  3.  Best Simple Credit Repair Options
  4. Sky Blue Credit: Best for Budget 
  5. The Credit Pros: Best for Package Options

#1. Credit Saint: Best Credit Repair Company Overall

Credit Saint emerges as a clear winner among all leading contenders in the niche of credit repair services. It is a company based in New Jersey, U.S., and has been in this field since 2004.

Another noteworthy aspect of Credit Saint is the recognition they are receiving from the Better Business Bureau — an A+ rating since 2007.

Credit Saint will assign all of its clients a personal panel of advisors, who will constantly monitor the credit score and ensure that all of your queries are handled. Initially, they offer a free consultation over the phone and regular customer support for the duration of the entire process.

You will be provided with three packages to choose from based on the degree of repair your profile will require. They include Credit Polish (basic level of repair), Credit Remodel (intermediate level of repair), and Clean Slate (advanced level of repair).

Apart from this, you can also learn better credit management through this process, as you will work closely with the team of experts. This will ensure that you do not face any more hassles in the future.

In addition, all of the packages are loaded with perks. Credit Saint also provides you with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you do not see changes in the score.


Credit Saint provides you with multiple features to help boost your credit score, spanning across different packages. Some of them include credit score analysis and tracker facilities, monthly disputes ranging from five to unlimited, monitoring of Experian credit, and so on.

Credit Saint has one of the lowest fee structures in the entire credit repair industry. The kind of service they provide for the price ensures you experience a complete value-for-money offer.

There is no fixed contract scheme at Credit Saint. This is highly beneficial for the customer, as you can withdraw the services at any point in time, and you will not be charged a penalty.

  • Personal Team of Advisories

Each customer will have a specific team of repair experts to concentrate on their case. They will constantly roll out updates regarding your credit repair process progress and help you monitor every modification closely.

  • Transparency of the Process

Since you will be in constant contact with your team, you will always stay in the loop. There are no hidden edits in your data, and you can be assured that the process is as transparent as possible.

You can learn further about the necessity of transparency through this guide.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Credit Saint


  • Customized business plans to suit a vast horizon of customers
  • Maximum positive reviews from customers and absence of complaints
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days
  • Credit monitoring feature
  • No policies for cancellation


  • Services unavailable in Kansas, South Carolina, and Georgia
  • Initial ‘first-time fee’ is relatively expensive

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Credit Saint for the Best Discount

If you prioritize the experience factor of the Credit Repair Company heavily, Lexington Law is your go-to solution. They have more than two decades of experience in credit repair and hold a high reputation in the industry.

You can be assured that repairing your credit is in safe hands since the entire procedure takes place with the expertise of seasoned veterans from the legal department. Paralegals and attorneys are deeply involved in all of the methods applied to your credit repair processing.

This is a feature that is absent in most Credit Repair Companies. Therefore, you can remain worry-free about the legitimacy of your credit repair.

Lexington Law also strives to implement the Fair Credit Reporting Act in your documentation. It enlists the authorization of major credit bureaus to ensure that this scheme is applied duly.

Another exclusive service that Lexington Law provides is the feature of credit mentoring. You will be assigned with a representative with whom you can clarify all of your doubts and problem areas regarding your credit repair progress.

You will also gain access to educational resources related to this niche that will enable you to understand the nuances involved in the domain of credit repair.


  • Multiple Scales of Credit Repair

Lexington Law provides you with three options you can opt for based upon your need. Concord Standard, Concord Premium, and Premium Plus are the choices from which you can select.

All of these options have unique features that scale up with each step. You can opt for Concord Standard for basic correction and removal of incorrect items.

Concord Premium is for users who require credit mentoring to track changes in credit history. The InquiryAssist option is another feature that is an add-on under this scheme.

Premium Plus is the ultimate top-of-the-order service you should proceed with if your credit score requires significant corrections.

  • Free Initial Credit Report Consultation

This firm offers a free credit report consultation for you to understand their services and methods of operation better.

  • Provision of Educational Resources

Since the firm employs attorneys and paralegals, you can receive valuable insight from them through access to resources.

Most Credit Repair Companies do not prefer educating their clients through hands-on knowledge. However, this is possible with Lexington Law, which sets it apart from other companies in this category.

Once you enlist the services of Lexington Law, you will be assigned with an experienced paralegal. They will take you through this entire operation and ensure that all of your issues and doubts are taken care of in a comprehensive approach.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lexington Law 


  • Free consultation for your credit report
  • Customized to suit a wide range of budget plans
  • Involvement of actual legal authorities
  • Easily accessible customer support
  • Longevity in the industry with over decades of experience


  • Service tiers are not demarcated clearly
  • Does not hold BBB accreditation

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lexington Law for the Best discount

#3. Best Simple Credit Repair Options

This credit repair firm shot to fame for its exclusive free credit score analysis feature. The company is relatively new to this industry, having only been established in 2012, and is based in Utah, U.S. will help you with several concerns, including late payments, bankruptcies, collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, and much more. This company also has three different pricing plans available.

All grades of credit repair services include credit monitoring features, which are generally absent in other Credit Repair Companies. Here, even the most basic model will have access to this feature. is also known for its affordable compensation scheme. None of its plans are exorbitantly priced. The monthly subscription fees are priced in an average range, according to several customer reviews.

They also have extensive tools for customers to stay informed about the progress in their credit repair. The multiple features comprise an online dashboard that will update all of the briefings regarding the user’s credit score.

Free mobile applications for Android and iOS are also available for you to stay aware of the proceedings.


  • Different Tiers of Services Provided has three different pricing scales: the Direct Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Advanced Plan.

The features included in all of these levels include inquiry assists, score updates quarterly, goodwill intervention, and, most importantly, credit mentoring.

When you opt for the Standard Plan, an additional service you get access to is the FICO Score Inquiry Assist service. You can go for this plan if you have different documents that require looking into simultaneously.

The Advanced Plan provides you with maximized returns that include full-time monitoring from the major credit bureaus, credit score updates regularly, increased desist interventions, and so on. teams up with several recognized brands. For example, they have alliances with Lending Tree,, Bankrate, and They have established giants in the domain of finance, therefore boosting the factor of credibility.

  • Free Credit Score Analysis

This is the feature that initially brought to the limelight. You can get a free consultation for about 15 minutes when you are in the process of analyzing their attributes.

  • All-Encompassing Library of Resources

When you visit their website, you can witness an exhaustive collection of articles and guides, which will offer you insight to solve your credit repair issues.

The presence of extensive resources regarding themes like identity theft, debt solutions, savings, and the ill effects of poor credit make this a precious amenity.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of


  • Free consultation call for initial assessment
  • Availability of credit mentoring in all price schemes
  • Complete customer support with access to an online dashboard and phone application
  • Records are incredibly transparent and accessible to users
  • Partnerships with reliable firms and organizations


  • No money-refund policy
  • Additional add-ons are absent
  • 24/7 support is unavailable

⇒ Visit the Official Website of for the Best discount

If your primary requisite while looking for a Credit Repair Company is to receive a complete value-for-money service, Sky Blue Credit will suit you best. They are renowned for their inexpensive yet premium quality packages to aid you with your credit repair process.

Sky Blue Credit has been in the credit repair business for a number of years, with the firm established in 1989. They have evolved through their approach and have a specialized online portal along with offering customer support effectively.

They have the reputation of being immensely customer-friendly, with all their proceedings being compliant with new customers’ requirements specifically. They have helpful refund policies and offer cancellation facilities as well when required.

Some of the services they provide include approaching credit bureaus with disputes, a proficient credit analysis feature, and the feature of score building.

The trustworthy reputation of Sky Blue Credit is further highlighted with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Unnecessary purchases and sales gimmicks are entirely avoided as well.

Initially, they also provide you with a free consultation offer to go through your credit score. In case there are no aspects they can help you with, the consultation remains free of cost. Their pricing system is also highly transparent and does not include any hidden charges.


  • Singular Credit Repair Plan

Unlike most of the other Credit Repair Companies that provide you with multi-leveled schemes, Sky Blue Credit possesses a single credit plan for all of your requirements.

This will be beneficial for new users who are unsure of what will suit their requirements exactly. The pricing is placed at an average range for this credit repair system.

  • Extensive Add-Ons Available

You can opt for multiple add-ons such as goodwill letters, mortgage preparation, debt validation, and cease and desist letters.

Goodwill letters are generally sent to creditors to excuse a one-time fallacy in your report. If you have a decent and straightforward history on your credit report, later on, you can cite this as a reason to remove the derogatory remark.

Sky Blue Credit will also aid you in adjusting your mortgage lender requirements if you are going through buying a house, for example.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Sky Blue Credit


  • Good BBB customer ratings and reviews
  • Offers a 90-day money-back policy if no progress is seen in the credit repair
  • 50% off discounts available for couples
  • Sends up to 15 disputes in a timespan of 35 days
  • Online credit enrollment option available


  • Credit monitoring feature is unavailable
  • No legal staff and no 24/7 customer support

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Sky Blue Credit for the Best Discount

Credit Pros is not only affordable, but also is an A+ accredited credit repair organization. In addition, it is known for its rapid service proceedings. Credit Pros was established in 2009 in New Jersey by an attorney. With this company, you can take advantage of a diverse range of bonus services at a very affordable monthly fee, thereby making it a hit among the customers.

A central selling point of this credit repair service is the inclusion of credit monitoring under all of the different price points and schemes. The availability of unlimited monthly disputes is yet another popular and widely appreciated feature of Credit Pros.

A free mobile application is available for users to install on iOS and Android to constantly monitor the progress in their documentation and to reach out to customer service for all types of queries.

The contract options are also flexible, as all of the payments can be made monthly.


  • Diverse Pricing Plans to Suit Different Needs

You can choose one of three schemes according to the level of repair required in your credit score. The different plans are called Money Management, Prosperity Package, and Success Package.

Credit Sentry monitoring is the credit monitoring system that is present under all of the price plans. You also have an option to utilize this service separately as a singular service.

The different features of this include identity monitoring, finance programs access, debt management, and discounts for prescription medications.

Unlike other Credit Repair Companies that excessively limit the features available for entry-level users to force them to upgrade, Credit Pros places all three levels at a comparatively equivalent level.

The difference in price schemes can be attributed to the different outcomes that customers might require.

  • Caters to Different Audiences

The applications that customers can use to access their credit pair tracking are bilingual. Both English and Spanish are available to make it inclusive for customers.

This is yet another unique feature that enhances the relationship between the customer and the company. This feature is available from 9 AM to 8 PM (ET).

⇒ Visit the Official Website of The Credit Pros 


  • Free first-time consultation facility
  • High-use BBB rating ensures quality service
  • Presence of credit monitoring under all price structures
  • Unlimited credit disputes offered
  • Free mobile application with push notifications to keep track of progress


  • First-time payment is high
  • No money-refund option and limited learning resources

⇒ Visit the Official Website of The Credit Pros for the Best Discount

How We Made This List of Credit Repair Services

Since most users are gradually shifting towards automating and outsourcing the grunt work associated with repairing their credit, multiple firms and corporations have entered this field to serve. And, truth be told, at the pace the world is moving, companies such as these are convenient and are here in a time that matters.

As a result, we found ourselves with an extensive index of Credit Repair Companies.

Next, we filtered out all of the credit repair companies that seemed suspicious and illegitimate about their dealings and transactions. Several infamous companies had many complaints and grievances against them for scamming customers.

Warning Signs to Watch Out For

We have mentioned some of the risky and unauthorized specifications that some companies offering credit repair services might hold or state. They include:

Presence of Complaints Against Them

It is best to entirely avoid companies that have charges against them. Corporate commission offices will have details regarding the history of the organization.

Absence of Formal Contracts and Documentation

Proper maintenance of all the records and a standard registration is non-negotiable. If a company does not provide you with these, it is not advisable to associate with them.

Insisting on Interim Payment

The CROA strictly prohibits advance payments.

Offering to Remove Legal Information or Correct Errors

This is an entirely illegal approach to repairing your credit score. You cannot tamper with the existing credit details, even if it is damaging to your credit profile.

Suggesting to Create a New Credit Profile

Certain felonious organizations offering credit repair services recommend creating an entirely new profile and identity if the repair process is extremely tedious. This is illegal, and you will get penalized.

We also did a background check on all of the companies by collecting data from the complaint database of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The next step we performed in compiling this list was researching all of the leading contenders in the industry to get an idea about their services, customer satisfaction, and overall credibility. These are some of the fundamental factors that we took utmost care of while researching, as they play a significant role.

Features of a Reputable Credit Repair Company

Here, we have listed some of the features of a dependable Credit Repair Company for your reference:

Adhering Strictly to Laws

All reputable Credit Repair Companies will have an active license and insurance. This is a prominent sign of a company that abides by the regulations sincerely. All of the laws for a Credit Repair Company are mentioned here.

Free Consultation Provided

Some companies offering credit repair services will provide you with an overview of their functioning and state the possibilities and limitations as part of a free trial. Thus, you can get a clear idea and base your decision upon this instead of investing your money without a guarantee.

Warranty Provision

The company needs to provide you with a warranty if the services do not pan out properly.

What We Looked For

Apart from the general features mentioned above, we also looked for several other vital factors that play a deciding role in the plausibility of the company. They are mentioned below:

  • Level of professionalism of the company in the association
  • Importance that is given to official documentation and particulars
  • Favorable customer reviews and recommendations
  • Experience, the expanse of clients, and level of establishment in this niche
  • Warranty period given by the company
  • Money-back guarantee if the company does not produce the desired outcome
  • Transparency of the entire process and the promise of only realistic results

We have compiled the best Credit Repair Companies’ reviews based upon all the factors mentioned above.

Why Should You Work With Credit Repair Companies?

  • Lower or No Security Deposits

Phone service providers check credit card scores before offering services to you. A bad credit card score implies a higher risk of defaulting payments, and to mitigate the risk, they charge you security deposits. On the other hand, if you have a high credit score, they may not charge you any security deposit.

  • Eschew High Insurance Rates

Insurance service providers also check your credit score before deciding which type of services you are eligible to receive, including how much in premiums you must pay. With a low credit score, you are said to be a high-risk client, and thus, they charge you higher in premiums.

You will have to pay cash for products and services because a low credit score will give you difficulty in getting access to a credit card. In addition, some sellers and providers charge higher prices for clients who pay cash.

Your credit score is directly proportional to your credit limit. If you want to increase your credit limit with your providers, you have to mend your credit score. Credit Repair Companies help you with this.

Credit Repair Companies take a huge, irritating burden off your shoulders. Those annoying phone calls, texts, and emails from debt collectors containing the same information are exasperating. Credit Repair Companies step in here.

A bad credit score might be coming in between you getting your dream house. Due to a low credit score, you might not have access to a mortgage or auto loan. A low credit score must be fixed for you to access these facilities and pay lower interest rates.

What Credit Repair Companies Can and Cannot Do

Credit card repair companies promise a lot of things to attract customers. Credit repair services, governed by credit repair organizations, stipulate what they can or cannot do.

What They Can Do

Credit Repair Companies pull your credit from the three credit bureaus and make a credit expert go through it in detail to determine what they can do. Then, after the expert identifies mistakes in the report, including errors in payment history, double entries, and expired negative items, they step in.

Credit Repair Companies can dispute faulty information present in your credit reports, which could be causing a low in your credit score. They communicate to credit bureaus, money lenders, financial institutions, and debt collectors on your behalf.

Good Credit Repair Companies inform you of your right to dispute inaccurate information on credit reports on your own. They also notify you of your right to sue them for any violation of the governing body.

You should be provided with a detailed contract with terms of service, payment, and duration to get results. Before charging you with hidden costs, you must be informed.

What Credit Repair Companies Cannot Do

Credit report companies cannot ask you to dispute accurate negative information on your credit report unless the date can be verified. Likewise, they cannot delete negative information on your credit report. They can only challenge it.

Some Credit Repair Companies ask you to change your identity (i.e., changing your social security number), which is illegal. They cannot charge you until they render services or guarantee a change in your credit score.

They should not ask you to give false information to the credit bureaus to save face. Likewise, they cannot ask you to open new accounts or pressure you into disclosing personal information which is unnecessary for fixing a negative credit score.

What Type of Company Should You Choose?

If the Credit Repair Company is popular and has worked for others, it could work for you too. Most company’s websites have reviews from their previous clients. Referrals from friends or relatives could be useful as well.

Look for companies that operate within the law when you are looking to hire a Credit Repair Company. Some Credit Repair Companies may leave you in trouble with the law to fix your credit score.

Credit Repair Companies must give you a detailed contract, having payment terms, contact details, and what they are and are not doing. Before you can start any business, you must be allowed to read and understand the contract.

If a company gives you a money-back guarantee, they are confident about their ability to help you fix your low credit issues. Conversely, you might waste your money if the company you work with does not offer this facility.

Credit Repair Companies charge their customers for their services every month. If the company is taking too long to show you results, they may be taking advantage of your monthly subscription. Work with companies that give you results and save costs.

Things You Need to Look Out For 

When you choose the credit company you want to work with, you need to consider some criteria.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act states that no Credit Repair Company can ask for any fee before providing services. The company could be violating this or scamming you.

Credit repair is a time-consuming process, and if a company asks you to pay a one-off fee, they could be trying to scam you. So, stop working with the company immediately.

It is considered illegal in every state to make false statements regarding credit information. Therefore, the Credit Repair Company could land you in trouble, including legal issues and violating the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

Some Credit Repair Companies might ask you to change or alter your identity by using other information, such as another person’s social security number. They do this so you can escape credit bureaus. This is illegal, and it is not a good idea to work with such companies.

Some companies promise you that they can remove information from your credit report. However, this cannot be guaranteed and might be a selling point to lure you for work.

  • Disputing Accurate Information 

Legitimate credit companies help you dispute inaccurate information in credit reports or accurate reports that data furnishers cannot verify. If you are requested to do anything otherwise, you must not work with them.

  • Withholding Essential Information

Credit Repair Companies are obligated to inform you of your right to sue them if they violate the CROA and dispute your credit information without any charges before you start working with them. If the company fails to provide this information, avoid them.

  • Promising Specific Credit Score

If you are guaranteed a particular credit score, it is invalid, for this is too good to be true. Many factors influence your credit scores, causing alterations unexpectedly, and no company can promise a specific credit score.

  • Cite Affiliations with Government or Credit Bureaus

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, all Credit Bureaus are obligated to act. If a Credit Repair Company claims to have special relationships with these bureaus, it is most likely a scam. This can cause you more problems than solutions.

FAQs on Best Credit Repair Companies  

Q1. What is a Credit Repair Company?

A Credit Repair Company is an organization offering services to improve your credit for a fee. They promise to handle all of the heavy lifting included in working with credit report agencies. Credit repair services are different from credit counseling.

Q2. What is a Credit Counselling Agency?

Credit counseling agencies are typically a free resource from non-profit financial education organizations to review your finances, debt, and credit reports. Their goal is to teach you to improve and manage your financial situations by yourself.

Q3. How much does it cost?

It varies from company to company depending on how that company calculates it. However, there is a rule they have to follow. Credit Repair Companies cannot request or receive payment until they provide their customers with guaranteed results.

You might pay a one-time, flat fee or for each derogatory mark, the company strips from your reports according to which company it is. It may start around $35 per deletion and could go on till $750 or more.

The company can also charge you by the month, ranging from $50 to $130 or more. You might also have to give a setup fee or a fee for assessing your reports. First, determine how much work your reports require.

If there are only one or two negative items, you are better off disputing any errors in your credit reports by yourself.

Q4. How do you dispute an error on your credit report yourself?

Errors in credit reports can range from incorrect personal information to credit accounts. It would be best if you rectified these errors at the earliest to avoid future problems. Some common errors include incorrect personal information, wrong loan accounts, incorrect credit limit, account status, payment history, duplicate account, etc.

Starting, you must fill out the form to dispute your errors. Next, you can raise an online dispute with the credit bureau. Go to the dispute resolution section and fill out the form. You will need to submit a nine digit number mentioned on your credit report.

Once you submit the online complaint form, the credit bureau will verify the dispute. Credit bureaus cannot make changes to your credit reports. It takes about 30 days for your dispute to get resolved.

According to the laws, banks have to develop a formal resolution within 45 days of the complaint. You will be notified about the result via email.

Q5. What are some factors contributing to high credit scores?

Some factors include a history of on-time payments, low balances on credit cards, a mix of different credit card and loan accounts, old credit accounts, and minimal inquiries for new credit.

Some factors that cause lower credit scores are missed or late payments, collections, high credit card balances, and judgments.

Q6. How do you improve your credit on your own?

Some ways to improve your credit include reviewing your credit reports on your own for errors. This is a good time for checking reports to detect any suspicious activity, which indicates identity theft.

The top 90% of lenders use FICO credit scores, which are determined by five factors: payment history, credit usage, age of credit accounts, credit mix, and new credit inquiries. Payment history has the biggest impact on your credit score.

It is better to have debts you have already paid, like student loans. It works in your favor if you have paid your debts on time, as they remain on your record. Avoid late payments at all costs.

Some tips for creating a filing system include keeping track of monthly bills, setting due-date alerts, and automating bill payments from your account. You can also charge most or all of your expenses to a credit card to pay the balance in an entire month to prevent interest charges.

  • Limit Your Requests for New Credit

Two types of inquiries can appear in your credit history. They are often referred to as “soft” and “hard” inquiries. A soft inquiry may include checking your credit, giving an employer permission to check your credit, credit card companies checking your file, etc. Soft inquiries do not affect your credit score.

However, “hard” inquiries can affect your credit score adversely, and they include applications for a new credit card, a mortgage, an auto loan, etc. In addition, many of them can damage your credit score in only a short period.

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Credit Repair Company?

It is a common question posed by people who want to know if a Credit Repair Company provides valuable services on a tried-and-tested process. A prominent function of credit repair includes removing faulty items from clients’ reports and reducing financial impact.

A Credit Repair Company also outlines the process by writing effective dispute letters and negotiating with creditors. Every company has a different business process to benefit the client. This particular arena can be quite predatory, which is why we were very meticulous in compiling our list of the best Credit Repair Companies. Our pick from the lot would be Credit Saint. Not only is it well-recognized and has great reviews, it also assists each customer with all of their needs.

Companies with incredible track records also have to work within the credit bureau system and cannot assure that the system they use will work for you. The companies must work hard to negotiate with creditors for their clients.


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