Transfers spark protests; unrest among teachers, government staff


HYDERABAD: The allocation of state government employees and teachers to local cadres and transfers under the new zonal system based on the creation of new districts and zones fueled protests across the state.

Employees and teachers boycotted homework and staged protests in several districts, alleging huge irregularities in local managerial allowances and transfers. Several employee and teacher unions attempted to besiege the Telangana secretariat in BRKR Bhavan on Tuesday. However, the police foiled their attempts and took them into custody.

Tensions reigned in the Secretariat’s premises as dozens of city and district staff and teachers attempted to stage protests outside BRKR Bhavan demanding the removal of GO 317 issued for the assignment of employees to local executives and the transfer of employees.

A heavy police force was deployed around the Secretariat to prevent protests.

Batch employees attempted to reach the Secretariat premises from different sides. The police took them into custody and transferred them to police stations. Police had to use light lathi charges to disperse the protesters after they refused to return and started slogans against the government.

The state chairman of the Telangana Employees’ Association, C. Sampat Kumara Swamy, claimed that officials completely ignore the nativity of employees while assigning them to local officials in the districts. He said officials maintained that seniority was given preference in allocation to districts but the seniority lists prepared by officials were full of errors. He demanded an investigation against officials who resorted to irregularities in drafting seniority lists to favor people of their choice to obtain positions at their preferred locations.

The Upadhyaya Sanghala Porata Committee (UPSC), which is spearheading teachers’ agitation against ongoing transfers, alleged that a few teachers with access to higher grades were getting posts in towns and villages while those with higher seniority and birth were forced to move to remote areas. areas. He accused officials of completely ignoring the “nativity” of transfers which is the main basis of the new zonal system brought in by the Telangana government.


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