Vacation Bonus: Virginia Beach School Employees Get Extra Money


The city’s school division is raising more than $ 40 million from its operating budget and grants to donate some cash to employees.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – In Virginia Beach, this week is all about giving and principals are making sure their employees feel the love.

On Tuesday evening, Virginia Beach school officials announced bonuses and incentives that will hit employee paychecks in a matter of weeks.

The city’s school division is raising more than $ 40 million from its operating budget and grants to donate some cash to employees.

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All eligible staff will receive a bonus of $ 1,000 on December 15th. Division heads are motivated by the need for recruitment and retention.

“We want to attract the best and the brightest,” said Kathleen Slinde, president of the Virginia Beach Education Association.

The division has more than 100 teachers, 125 bus drivers and dozens of guards and teaching assistants.

Officials said staff members in those positions will also receive an additional $ 2,500, not as a lump sum, but spread across multiple paychecks, starting Jan. 15. Slinde said the money is useful.

“We appreciate so much all of the people in the administration office who have worked so hard on this and we know they want to help us,” Slinde said.

But she noted that the bonuses are only temporary.

“As an added bonus, you can’t plan for your child’s education, you can’t buy a house, you can’t buy a car. It’s a bonus, it’s a short-term solution, ”Slinde said.

The division is also short of substitute teachers and will increase their salary by $ 30 per day. Slinde said it was a necessary boost.

“The number of people who qualify to subscribe, they can subscribe here, they can subscribe at Chesapeake, Norfolk,” Slinde said. “So we have to make sure ours is competitive so when we have a higher position they’re more likely to take ours. “

Slinde said the incentives are a step in the right direction, but she hopes state leaders can work with school divisions to increase teacher salaries across Virginia.

“We have to bring the salary and the benefits and all of that to a level that people who want to get into this profession can see that they can grow in it,” Slinde said.

School board president Carolyn Rye said the division is still considering ways to show its appreciation.

“It’s a challenge for board members, we want to do well through our teachers,” Rye said. “And we have to do well with the resources we have and to the credit of the administration, they are with us on this.”

Division heads also announced that December 22 will become a public holiday for students and staff.


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