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DID YOU KNOW? Bonnie Donovan

Our local Black Lives Matter/Healing Justice group has accused the Santa Barbara Unified School District of covering up 12 racially motivated cases.

Just as school authorities in many states have covered up the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

Did you know? must ask: where else in America does student violence occur, then only reported to relevant parties?

DYK read a news report dated March 11, 2022 about the arrest of five black and Hispanic students aged 11-15 for their racist attack on four white students aged 11-12, shouting “Brown Power” and racial slurs, as they beat and also kicked their victims with sticks and cables. The attack happened at the Coconut Creek Recreation Center in Broward County, Florida, where middle schoolers gather before going to school.

One victim said: ‘After they jumped on me they said it was like revenge for what happened…in the 1700s for slavery. The five attackers would have been charged with assault and harm, which elevates the charges to felonies.

At last Tuesday’s Santa Barbara Unified Council meeting, members discussed the idea of ​​reassigning the current School Resource Assistant to Dos Pueblos High School and hiring a full-time officer to patrol outside. campuses of Dos Pueblos and San Marcos High Schools and Goleta Valley Junior High School. .

The district removed school resource officers from San Marcos High School in response to the San Marcos Cops Off Campus group last year because some students felt they were being unfairly targeted. To meet their demands, our suggestion is that assigned officers be people of color.

A widespread group in America called Cops Off Campus led the charge to disband school resource officer programs.

SROs originated in the 1950s with the goal of improving interactions between students and local police. Remember Officer Krumpke from “West Side Story”?

SROs, in essence, serve as counselors and teachers and a resource for parents. In recent years, with school shootings and armed children on campus, many have felt their presence enhanced security.

However, the push to remove ORS came with the response to the death of George Floyd and part of the BLM’s demands to defund the police.

When DYK contacted Acting Santa Barbara Police Chief Bernard Melekian, he said, “I strongly support school resource officers. A false narrative that has gained ground that the ORS are arresting children and putting them into the prison pipeline. This has never been the case in Santa Barbara or, for that matter, anywhere in California.

Another law enforcement spokesperson said the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program was dismantled several years ago. However, the sheriff’s office had a schedule until the COVID-19 shutdown.

BLM/Healing Justice also presented a list of their demands at the unified meeting in Santa Barbara.

It is common knowledge that respect is earned and not acquired on demand. Can you imagine giving your kids chores and them refusing unless you pay them?

Most of the BLM demands, made by the three female members, involve creating positions and hiring blacks only and that all non-blacks must go through “programming”. They demand that the district provide reports of anti-black violence on campuses, funds for families to access any black mental health professional they choose, and to hire more black teachers and black clinicians. in mental health on every campus.

According to their charges, 12 race-related incidents at seven schools have gone unreported involving black children and that there is “rampant anti-blackness in the district.”

How many white, Hispanic and “other” children were involved in an incident? Of 15,000 students, 66-80% belong to minorities. They also demand that anti-blackness within Latinx communities be addressed.

The focus is on me, everything revolves around me. The attack is so encompassing, yet it screams self-segregation. All this for 143 black students. What about the 66 Native Americans or 563 Asians in our local schools?

Much of the educational emphasis in Santa Barbara County is on critical race theory.

Instead of focusing on educating students, teachers are more concerned with not hurting their feelings — and programming them. Except of course for white children, who are the focus of the CRT manifesto that all “white” things are mean. For example, implicit bias training, which is mandatory in many government entities and is the assertion that people are unknowingly guilty of racism – simply through the experiences of skin color or attributes physical. Short people are judged differently than tall people, just like blondes and redheads. Do you remember Polish jokes? Look now, Poland stands humanely and welcomes Ukrainian refugees, while many cower.

Yet the leaders of American teachers’ unions are not backing down. In fact, they exert a far greater influence on the upbringing of our children than most parents realize. Just follow the money. The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers have increased their political contributions each year.

Their contributions grew to $32 million in 2016. Each year, 94% of that money goes, in various forms, to the Democratic Party.

In 2021-22, a non-election year, the combined contributions of the two unions were $18,837,527. No organization gives these sums of money without consideration.

Leaders of teachers’ unions extend their power and influence beyond simply protecting their members. Often this divisive CRT indoctrination is hidden under other benign descriptions.

Anyway, it has come to DYK’s attention that CRT is being exposed, in detail, in a new documentary video titled “Whose Children, Are They?” During a 30-day window, from March 15 to April 14, viewers can view the exhibit through paid events at their churches, homes, schools and other venues. After that, the movie will be available through premium videos on demand.

“The CRT divides our children in unacceptably ways,” says Dr. Carol Swain, a former tenured professor at Princeton and Vanderbilt universities, in the documentary. Dr. Swain is also co-author of “Black Eye for America: How CRT is Burning Down the House.”

She is an educational consultant for the American Cornerstone Institute, founded by Dr. Ben Carson.

She added, “They are using CRT tactics to divide Americans and create a culture of envy and blame. They desire to overthrow our free republic, American traditions and capitalism and replace them with socialism, communism and atheism.

Here’s a reminder to answer the Investigative Monkey’s quiz regarding the Santa Barbara Police Department, which is available until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.

The Santa Barbara Community Training Commission developed a draft framework to create a civilian oversight system for the Santa Barbara Police Department. CFC would like to share this draft with the Santa Barbara community to review and gather feedback via an online/paper survey.

The 17 questions ask for demographic data and while the reader agrees that filing complaints about police conduct and policies would be more transparent if filed directly with this new commission, which includes a new municipal department and at a cost over $600,000 per year. We think this is redundant. After all, the city administrator, the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury, and the Santa Barbara City Council are paid to oversee the city as well as the police department. Plus, a whole year for that framework project and investigation?

How long will their investigations last, and where is their expertise?

To take the survey, go to www.surveymonkey.com/r/santabarbaracfc.


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