We take caving to the streets and fail


Every week on Urban cavingRadio Milwaukee’s Nate Imig and OnMilwaukee’s Bobby Tanzilo dig into the buildings and architectural features that help retain the city’s sense of history as it builds for the future.

This week’s episode is a little different. Normally we “spele” buildings or places, but this week we’re talking about streets. Neither the oldest nor the longest. The shortest. Specifically, where are the shortest streets in Milwaukee?

Bobby was quietly working on a solo mission to definitively answer that question. But when he decided to go ahead and publish a story, he turned to a certified expert: Yance Marti, Central Editorial and Milwaukee City Archives Manager.

In this episode, Bobby tells me about his collaborative research with Marti, the assumptions that turned out to be wrong, the specific criteria they used, and what exactly constitutes a street (hint: alleys don’t count and it takes a sign).

The shortest on the list is just 48ft, with #10 reaching 212ft in comparison. Learn a bit more about them by listening to the podcast below. Then, when you’re ready for a longer read (ha), visit OnMilwaukee for more photos and history.

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